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Alfonso De Rose’s Thinner Journey Interview with Nicki Coleman

Alfonso De Rose interviews Nicki Coleman (Soleil) who has released over 80 lbs after taking ThINNER Journey for the first time 2 years ago. She lost 55 pounds the first year and has kept all the weight loss off while enjoying eating all of her favorite foods. Thinner Journey is an empowering way to release weight and have the body…

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MINISTRY OF MONEY MASTERY One of the reasons that I came to live in the United States of America was because I was told about the American dream, but after just a few weeks, I was living the American nightmare. I did not speak English, I had no money, and nobody would give me even the most simple and basic…

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THE 7 CRACKS OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND LOVE Wherever you are in your life, no matter how much money you have in your bank account, no matter how many times you have been married, you probably know by now that something is MISSING.  So you read books and you transform yourself into an explorer to find what it is that is…

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Your PURPOSE, Your PROMISE Life is filled with questions:  How can I make more money?  How can I lose more weight?  How can I attract the most incredible romantic love?  And so many other questions…  But really there is only one question, which, when answered, answers all of these questions:  Why am I here?   When you find the answer…

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  HOW TO DEAL WITH AUTUMN Happy fall to everybody! The days are getting shorter, the sun is slowly getting weaker, and the temperature is dropping. Meanwhile, I receive calls from people with sore throats, fevers, and other typical seasonal sicknesses.  Nature has a cycle.  Everything comes, everything goes, everything finishes, and everything starts again.  For instance, if you think about yourself…

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Happy New Year! Live, Love, Eat & LOSE WEIGHT!

Happy 2012 everyone!! I’m sure that in your New Year’s Resolution, there is the same line that you write every year — LOSE WEIGHT!!  Yes, this year REALLY make it to your ideal bodyweight FOR GOOD!  So you probably went to Barnes & Noble and bought one of the new books on weight loss to try a new diet, a…

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